Our Approach


Our approach is revolutionary in its simplicity and effectiveness. Scenes are performed at a small table with two chairs or standing with two cameras, one focused on each actor. The footage is streamed live to a screen above the performance. There is no rehearsal or preparation of any kind. All scenes are performed as a cold reading without any knowledge of the material. This way the actor can live moment to moment in a highly intuitive state. The simplicity of this approach, allows the actor to focus his/her entire attention away from themselves. The actor is then present for their partner and can RE-ACT naturally and spontaneously as the scene develops.

All footage is provided to the actor free of charge for personal use, marketing, or further review.


-Charles Conrad


Brian’s studio has a powerful pedigree. Its lineage dates back to the Group Theater in 1930’s where Sanford Meisner worked and trained, eventually breaking away from Lee Strasberg and the “method” approach to establish his own school, The Neighborhood Playhouse. It was here that Charles Conrad, a promising student caught the eye of Meisner. Conrad was hired as Meisner’s primary teaching assistant and tasked with training future acting luminaries including Robert Duvall, Susan Sarandon and Jack Nicholson.

In the early sixties, Meisner sent Charles to Los Angeles to take over the training of the contract players at Twentieth Century Fox. Soon after, Charles left Meisner to start his own school where he refined Meisner’s teaching techniques. Conrad eschewed classic exercises such as “repetition” and “door and activity” in favor of the simple, powerful handling of dialogue. Brian met Charles in 1970 and studied at the CEC Studio for over a decade. He was amazed by the simplicity and validity of the process and the powerful effect it had on his work. After an extensive career on screen, Brian now continues Conrad’s tradition at the Brian Cutler Studio with the blessing of his friend and mentor.