Mission Statement

Mission Statement



The Actors Studio in Burbank, CA, under the direction of Brian Cutler, provides a disciplined and creative environment where actors develop the necessary skills to handle the business of acting.  Through exercises in on-camera scene study, cold reading, and character development, actors hone the skills necessary to tackle any audition.  Brian Cutler’s direction and critique guide and encourage the actor to peel back the layers of inhibition to produce honest, intense, authentic performances.

I am so proud of my students and their dedication.  Please take a moment to view my students class work.

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When I do things without any explanation, but just with spontaneity...I can be sure that I am right. - Federico Fellini

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Happy Holidays

HAPPY HOLIDAYS CATHY So, what are you doing home so early? STEVE I took the afternoon off. CATHY Is everything all right? STEVE Yeah, I just had some shopping to do. I picked up Jenny and Michelle and we went shopping for Matt. Where have you been? CATHY I was out shopping myself. It’s insane out there. People in...

Brian Cutler’s Actors Studio Partners with Big Boss Creative

Brian Cutler’s Actors Studio has partnered with Big Boss Creative to help notify the acting world that there is now another great acting studio in Burbank!  Big Boss Creative produces award winning creative and strategy for studios like Disney, Lionsgate, Dreamworks, and Netflix.  Recently, Big Boss Creative expanded their digital and social media offerings which is what attracted Brian and...

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