Brian Cutler

Brian was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and began his acting career at the age of five. He has appeared in dozens of plays under the watchful eye and tutelage of some of the best directors on the west coast including Viola Spolin, the originator of the theatre games used at Chicago’s Second City; Paul Levit and Ted Thorpe of the Players Ring Theatre Group; Jules Getlin, Ellen Miller and Ed Reese of the Peter Pan Players.

While still in high school, Brian worked on his first major motion picture, “Bye, Bye Birdie”. This was the catalyst for a career span- ning multiple decades, including starring roles in the hit television series The Shazam Isis Hour, the T.V. series Emergency, The Long Hot Summer and The Young Lawyers, and films including Airport ’79, The Concorde and Wilderness Family, Part II, and guest starring roles on T.V. series such as Rockford Files, Charlie’s Angels, Knight Rider, Fall Guy and Quincy.

In 1983, Brian settled in Kansas City while starring in productions of The Unsinkable Molly Brown and Come Blow Your Horn. There, he opened THE ACTORS STUDIO, a film technique and commercial acting studio using a technique developed by Charles E. Conrad with whom Brian studied in Los Angeles for almost 10 years. This technique, employed by hundreds of actors including Carl Weathers, Dee Wallace Stone, Dennis Quaid, Steve Eastin, Rita Wilson, and Veronica Hamel, is considered to be the most effective method utilized in film today. Brian’s passion, extensive knowledge and experience have transformed the Actors Studio into one of the premier acting schools in the United States.

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Robert Dominick Jones

A native Brooklynite, Robert Dominick Jones was one of the original members of the famed Everyman Theatre Company of Brooklyn. Founded by iconic actress Geraldine Fitzgerald and playwright/director Brother Jonathan Ringkamp, this troupe was the premier Street Theatre company in the 1970’s. They performed original musicals including “Everyman and Roach”, “Elena”, and “Mister Esteban” as well as the Classics at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Lincoln Center, and Summer festivals in parks and city streets.

He also workshopped with Judith Malina and Julian Beck of The Living Theatre. He performed numerous plays with The Everyman Company as well as other productions at great venues in New York City.

After a stint in the U.S.Navy in the mid-seventies, Mr. Jones headed west to venture into film and television where he continues to work on stage and screen as an Actor and Producer. He’s appeared in over 40 TV shows and films. He is the CEO of 2 Bald Guys Productions, Inc. Their current episodic drama, Mrs. Fitzgerald Is Missing, is now streaming on Amazon Video. He is honored to be working with his mentor and coach, Brian Cutler.