Our competitive pricing and course structure enables students to train continuously,
because mastering your craft happens over time not during a two week intensive.


This on camera class employs multiple cameras and real time editing. Students see exactly how their performance plays on the small or big screen with a discussion following each scene. Classes are divided into four week cycles. This unique structure allows students to focus on commercial work, cold reading, scene study and character development. A complimentary copy of your filmed work is provided upon request.

All classes are a 4-week cycle $190:

Sign Up Mon – Monday 7pm-10pm (Scene Study/Cold Reading Only)

Sign Up Tues – Tuesday 7pm-10pm

Sign Up Wed – Wednesday 11am-2pm (Scene Study/Cold Reading Only)

Sign Up Thurs – Thursday 7pm-10pm


Learn the art of voice over performance. Challenge yourself to develop a range of voices for different markets. This class provides in-depth knowledge of the skills necessary to be a success in the voice over industry.  A copy of your Voice Over work will be provided upon request.

Wednesday, 7pm-10pm 4-week cycle

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Our acting program for young performers provides kids an opportunity to gain self-confidence while developing his/her abilities. All actors learn the fundamentals of commercial work, scene study and how to audition for film and television in a supportive and fun atmosphere. Parents are invited for Playback at the end of class.

Ages 7-13 (other ages considered)
4-week cycle
$190 (Family Discount Available)

Sign Up Tues – Tuesday  4:30pm-6pm

Sign Up Thurs – Thursday, 12pm-1:30pm


Private coaching is tailored to each individual actor and designed to accelerate the learning process. Each session is designed around the needs of the student. This may include preparation for a big audition, coaching for a role or one on one intensive work.

By appointment only.
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30 Min Coaching – 30 Min Coaching

60 Min Coaching – 60 Min Coaching

90 Min Coaching – 90 Min Coaching