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Sep 2015

Happy Holidays

HAPPY HOLIDAYS CATHY So, what are you doing home so early? STEVE I took the afternoon off. CATHY Is everything all right? STEVE Yeah, I just had some shopping to do. I picked up Jenny and Michelle and we went shopping for Matt. Where have you been? CATHY I was out shopping myself. It’s insane out there. People in the malls have lost their minds. STEVE You can say that

Brian Cutler’s Actors Studio has partnered with Big Boss Creative to help notify the acting world that there is now another great acting studio in Burbank!  Big Boss Creative produces award winning creative and strategy for studios like Disney, Lionsgate, Dreamworks, and Netflix.  Recently, Big Boss Creative expanded their digital and social media offerings which is what attracted Brian and Jill Cutler to the agency. Both Big Boss Creative and The

  Excellent example of working without a predetermined outcome.  Great scene ladies.  Click Youtube button to watch.

She gets how to tell a story!  Watch her Milk Commercial.  Click on YouTube button.

  Just a younger version of the Shawshank Redemption. Worth the watch. Click on the YouTube button to view their work.